Tuesday, 24 May 2016

at the Hilton - Singapore, on 17th Oct. 2000.

When Sanjeev Johar, the young dynamic Managing Director of Roche Diagnostics - India, took over as Chief of South East Asia Pacific, heading 25 countries, Deepak RAO was again invited to present his Shock & Awe ‘Extra Sensory Perception’ Show, at a special dinner hosted after an International Conference, that was attended by about 25 Regional CEOs.

17th Oct. 2000, Singapore Hilton, saw Deepak RAO unfold his
‘ESP’ Show that had the audiences absolutely bedazzled and stunned by an array of mind-boggling experiments and demonstrations in
‘Extra Sensory Perception’.

Dear Deepak,
It was a pleasure meeting you and Neha in Singapore.
The feedback for the show was great and very positive.
Happy to note that you would be back in Singapore.
I really look forward to meet you again.
Would be great to meet Selvah and Raja.
Kind Regards,

With over 425 Corporates (as of Mar. ’16),
booking him repeatedly – globally, for his
Incredible ‘Extra Sensory Perception’ Show....
Mumbai based - Deepak RAO
is India’s Numero Uno
Stage Star Performer and Corporate Celebrity !

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